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Does My Bedroom Need Feng Shui

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system developed thousands of years ago. On a basic level, it’s a body of knowledge which puts energy at the core of all of our daily activities and teaches how to balance these energies in any given space. From offices to living rooms, feng shui can offer peace … Continue reading

How to decorate your home to reflect your personality

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

When giving your home a makeover, there a plenty of factors to consider; budget, the size of your house and all the members of your family have to be taken into consideration. However, in doing so, it’s important not to lose sight of your own wants and desires when giving your home a new aesthetic. … Continue reading

Keep Your Mirrored Wardrobes Streak Free

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Mirrored wardrobes are excellent – who doesn’t want to get dressed and observe their outfit from the same station? That’s part of the reason mirrored wardrobes are such a popular item when it comes to bedroom furnishing. However, that said, they do come with a rather frustrating problem: streaks. Yes, glass and mirrors can collect … Continue reading

How to Choose Top Quality Furniture

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

When choosing furniture, it’s very easy to opt for style over substance. Certain pieces may look the part, however, it’s far more important to buy high quality furniture that will stand the test of time and still look good. So, this month, Unique Bedrooms will provide a thorough breakdown of the various types of furniture … Continue reading

How to Upgrade Your Box Room

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Maybe it’s your first house, maybe you’ve downsized, or maybe having to negotiate a box room was just a necessary evil that came with finding your dream home – either way, styling out a box room can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. Although small, box rooms can be simple, fun and … Continue reading

How to Create a Bedroom That Grows With Your Child

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

The organisation and subsequent rejigging of your child’s bedroom is an unavoidable – and often rather expensive – task. This is in part due to the fact that their tastes change constantly as they grow older: one minute they like cartoons, the next they like football. So, in order to save time and money, you … Continue reading

5 tips for taking care of your mattress

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

For a dreamy night’s sleep, you are relying almost entirely on your mattress which should be comfy and in good shape. To help aid your sleep and keep your mattress in prime condition for as long as possible, you should make sure you care for it well. After all, this furnishing is an investment which … Continue reading

How to keep cool at night

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

As summer months approach and the days get hotter, keeping a comfortable temperature becomes an increasing concern. Most people will relish sunny days and outdoor activities, but when it comes to your home, you want to keep it as cool as possible, especially at night. A hot and stuffy house can be unpleasant and even … Continue reading

How to clean fitted furniture

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

To keep your fitted furniture looking its best, it is very important you know how to clean it effectively. Even high-quality fitted furniture will suffer if it is not cared for properly. However, with the right maintenance, your furnishings will look pristine for a long time to come. The cleaning methods necessary for your specific … Continue reading

The Top 5 Benefits of Fitted Furniture

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

When choosing furniture for your home, you have 2 options: bespoke, fitted furniture or freestanding, off-the-shelf furniture. There are benefits to both choices and many people will choose a combination of both throughout their homes. However, in this article we will be looking at 5 of the top benefits of choosing to install fitted furniture … Continue reading